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Hi Beth, I am getting this message sometimes.Its annoying me. "Join Violin Lab as a member to watch the rest of this video. Our memberships give you 24/7 access to all the content on the site. "

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Posted: July 26, 2011
Last Comment: July 26, 2011

Beth Blackerby
Posted: July 26, 2011
Paul, for some reason, you're getting logged out, even if you're not doing it on purpose. If that happens, hit the home page. If you don't see "Welcome Paul", then you've been logged out, and you'll have to log back in.

Occasionally the server resets and everyone is logged out, but that only happens once a month or so.

Posted: July 26, 2011
But My account will expire on 27th of August.

islam dodeen
Posted: July 26, 2011
Hi Paul, you need to be a paying member to have full access to Violin Lab, post videos etc. The message means that you are not logged in and therefore have guest status with restricted access. Member videos and most of the instructional materials are protected, accessible only to members. There are login/logout buttons, depending on your current status, at the top of each page.