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Maria Beckles
Happy New Year to all of you!

     I was wondering if there's any chance that my right arm is hurting from playing. I noticed pain running from my elbow either tendon or muscle, down my arm to my hand, specifically my thumb. Some days the pain is bad, it hurts when I grip stuff (like opening a jar or shaking hands firmly). I massaged it yesterday and it's very sore but less pain when I squeeze. 

      I wonder if I'm doing something wrong with the bow, I focus a lot on my hand relaxation.

Maria Beckles
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Posted: January 8, 2017
Last Comment: January 9, 2017

Diane in SOCAL
Posted: January 9, 2017
Hello Maria.  I would suggest putting a video up of your playing the violin, showing your right arm action from the side and maybe a video showing your bowing from the front.  This way, posting a video, can show us your right arm action with your right elbow, arm and hand. Then,  Beth and others who are experienced can help you.  I know that excess tension in the bowing arm..elbow, lower arm etc can cause pain in the elbow area, probably a tension and the pain is traveling up the lower arm to the thumb. That can be nerve pain as well that travels down the arm..  "Tennis elbow" is an injury from over-use or NOT using the arm for certain functions, like bowing, correctly. 
Take a rest for a few days and see if it goes away. Post a video of your playing. If the pain continues I would seek medical attention with your MD and ask what the problem might be. Taking some Over the Counter Tylenol for the pain and then rest might help. I'm a retired nurse. When I first started learning the violin, I developed a similar thing in my left arm and it was from incorrect holding and finger action of the left hand..I also had carpel tunnel inflammation before so that added to the problem. 
Stay tuned. Diane in SoCal

Posted: January 8, 2017
Hello Maria, I'm sorry to hear that you have that pain, and I'm sure you will get good advice from the nurses on here, but I thought I'd mention that I, too, thought your bow arm and hand have looked relaxed in your videos, but do you have any stiffness or tension in the bow thumb when you play? I did notice that you didn't play to the frog, atleast at that time. It, too, (the thumb) should be totally relaxed. It should also be in a comfortable place, movable, and slightly bent. There is alot of movement to the thumb during a full bow stroke. It sounds like you are going to have to rest your arm.