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Hi Beth! When I go to Resources/Audio Files, I can’t copy Greensleeves audio recorded in my computer as MP3 format-sound like I did for Sad Romance by browsing the arrow at the right side (third icon from the top) because this time it‘s blocked.

The following icon, (fourth from the top) is directing me to register in Facebook and download "Soundcloud”.

Please help me.


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Posted: November 11, 2011

Hi Beth - just reviewing the Part 5 shifting video - ascending (high finger to low finger). In the video, you demonstrate shifting on the A string from second finger C natural to second finger E natural to then help place the first finger on D natural. My question is: if I were to shift from C# would my shift still be to E natural or to E# so that I'm still keeping a high second during the shift? Thanks.


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Posted: November 11, 2011

Beth Blackerby
Here's the "surprise".
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Posted: November 9, 2011

Hi Beth, This is amazing grace instead of greensleeves ;)


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Posted: November 10, 2011

When playing vibrato when would you place your finger on the string as a solid note and then vibrate versus vibrating as soon as your finger hits the note on the string?

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Posted: November 10, 2011

what is the basic difference between minor scales and major scales?

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Posted: November 9, 2011

Sean Li Child

I like the dark look and sound of your violin Beth. What make is it? How much is it worth approximately?

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Posted: November 9, 2011


Breathing Fire and smoke trying to get one measure right in Seitz #5 1st mov.(not to mention all the others, but one thing at a time)  I've been trying to get this right for weeks and don't seem to be getting anywhere. 

I play it slowly...over and over thinking about where my fingers are going, listening to intonation.......when I think I've got it I play slowly some it.......ok....speed up a little.....still ok......a little more.......bring it up to speed and ....ARGH ! Crash/Burn !

I'm about to give up at this point and move on..... I need a fire and brimstone smiley/frownie thing here......  >:-\

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Posted: November 9, 2011

Adam Cherlin

I recently picked up violin again after a 20 year hiatus. I am having what seems like a common problem, but I wanted some additional feedback.

When I down bow, especially towards the middle of the bow, my bow begins to vibrate, causing the pitch to oscillate. This never happens on an up bow, and the vibration is intensified if I start placing fingers down.

I believe that my bow hold is correct and relaxed, and am trying eliminate tension in my arm, but it has little or no effect. I am a pianist and composer, and the pitch oscillation is really grating on me when I play.

My question has two parts: 

1) If I am completely fixated on this issue, should I continue to focus on it until it is corrected, or try to ignore it and work on other aspects of the instrument?

2) Are there any tips for correcting the issue, if it is tension related?

Thanks for your help,


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Posted: November 6, 2011


Now that we've got my doublestopped fifths problem sorted out...sort of...I've got another technical question:

I have 3 octave G major scale on my list at the moment, and there is one spot that is not quite clear. This version of G maj goes so that 1st shift is on A string to D in 3rd position and 2nd shift on E string to D in 6th position.

Now, I hit D with 1st finger, E with 2nd and F# with 3rd. Pinky is supposed to get final G, but even though I don't have big fingers, no matter how I squeeze it there next to 3rd, G will be sharp.

So the question is: What is the correct way to maneuver with fingers up there if they don't fit like in lower positions? Should I slide lower finger(s) down or lift it/them out of the way?

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Posted: November 7, 2011

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