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Anne aMaudPowellFan
I am using a recent performance of Wieniawski Légende as a baseline to improve my performance practice. I am collecting one-liners about what went well and what went not so well. Your input is much appreciated. Here is a link to the video:

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Posted: January 26, 2012

Hi everyone,
I find that when I play at the frog on the E string, my now hand hits the violin which basically stops the trajectory of the bow dead in its tracks. 
Is it just me, or is there a way to try and fix this?


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Posted: February 3, 2012

Lori Grant

Hi all,

Any tips on finding a good teacher? I've been struggling with finding someone who I can afford, and who I feel is moving me along well. My current new teacher has brought me back to an absolute beginner, and I'm wondering if this is typical. I do feel I need help with basics, but am a little concerned that I'll be too bored with the material she recommends to push through with regular practice. Can I practice more challenging material at the same time as doing basics?


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Posted: February 2, 2012

Robert B
I've been putting off this question and decided to finally throw it out there.
I love my electronic tuner but the problem is I sound flat compared to Beth's videos. I don't just sound flat; it is flat on all strings equally. Has anyone else faced this issue? Can you suggest how best to deal with it? Is it just a matter of training my ear to tune up to where I have to be?

When I try to tune in fifths by Beth's video I'm afraid of breaking a string. I'm such a coward!

I found a couple of online tuners for the violin that seem sharp to me but then, it may be my untrained ear. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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Posted: December 30, 2011

Thank you so very much for this AWESOME tutorial. You have no idea of how helpful and valuable this is to me. I will be working on this religiously and I'm sure I will eventually be able to get my Rhythm on! Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you! You are the best!


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Posted: January 20, 2012

Mary Reeley

Hi  Beth  I'm considering coming to the workshop in July. I like the idea of staying in one of the houses,  I like the second one  on the list.  Do people share a rental car when they come? I'm thinking I could meet up with other violin lab members at the airport. Details to work out.   I have a few questions.  1.  What kind of lessons will there be?   2. Is the master classes for highly experienced players?  I have only been taking lessons for 1 yr.  3.  How many hrs a day will be spent at the workshop?  I could spend all day every day, I'm hooked! Just trying to decide if there will be enough for a beginner to make the travel expense worthwhile, although free violin lab for life sounds really good.  Thanks  Mary  .

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Posted: February 2, 2012

Beth Blackerby
If you go to the Current Members Page, you'll see that Amy Barlowe has recently joined Violin Lab! It's an honor, truly. I love her Etude book (posted inResources), and she now has new, more advanced Etudes written in the styles of Prokofiev, Tartinin, and Dvorak (Also in Resources) ! 

Here's a video of one of her students playing these delightful pieces.
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Posted: January 31, 2012

Hi Beth, A super introduction to rhythmic studies. Looking forward to getting rhythm in my bowing so that everything doesn't sound the same. Question: Have units 1 through 5 been removed from the audio examples for some reason?


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Posted: February 2, 2012

Dick Stanley
Beth, Little problem(maybe) with the workshop registration. I've twice submitted info to the email address and both times gotten it back as undeliverable. Second time I even sounded out the letters to be sure I had them all correct.

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Posted: February 2, 2012

Beth, for some reason Dick Stanley's post about the fretless note finder says there are 0 responses....but there are actually 3.     

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Posted: February 2, 2012

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